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Groin Pain - What is it and Why?

Groin pain like many other regions has multiple causes. Groin pain can be referral from other sources such as: * Lower back

* Sacroiliac joint (SIJ)

* Hip joint * Inguinal region * Pubic joint * (plus other less common causes such as medical, nerve etc.) Groin injuries are more frequently found in the developing adolescent and more frequently in males. Athletes with such injury most commonly are playing kicking sports and is the third most common injuries off all time-loss in football. So - how do we prevent theses injuries? Address all intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors! 1. Do you have a history of groin injury? 2. Is your pelvis/hip strong? Powerful? Addressing all muscle weaknesses and deficiencies of your pelvis and hip region will decrease your chance of groin injuries as well as improving your overall performance on field. 3. Extrinsic risk factors in summary: progressively increase your training load and skills to meet match requirements. If you have done minimal pre-season to your sport, you are not conditioned to play in-season and increase your chance of injury (and poor performance). This further includes de-loading during season when you need to. Rest is just an important as training load. Other than addressing athletes, all people suffering hip pain need to understanding their physical deficiencies and the true diagnosis of the injury in order to get the correct treatment and management. For more information regarding groin pain and injuries, please contact the clinic on (03) 9738 1443 or email us at

Groin Pain

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