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Now that you’re coming into your winter sports whether it be football, rugby or netball, there are changes to your sporting demands and therefore changes to your training load. Beginner athletes should focus on maintaining their movement competency (deadlifts, squats etc.) whilst keeping the weight at a similar load. A big focus during season will be recovery but staying away from the gym will lose all movement and strength gains that occurred in the off season.

Intermediate athletes should be maintaining their same strength, power and mobility programming. Keeping the intensity high, but decreasing the volume to avoid overloading the body. Remembering that staying strong with good technique will decrease your chance of injury. Soft tissue treatment will help with recovery but maintaining your current strength levels will help just as much, if not more.

Advanced athletes, similar to intermediate athletes in maintaining their strength and mobility but really focusing on their rate of force production ‘RFD’. Plyometric exercises such as jumps and throws are a great bodyweight tool for developing your RFD as well as improving your stretch shorten cycle ‘SSC’ to continue elastic force production. Always try to get a perfect amount of resistance training to skills training to avoid overloading or detraining.

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