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Attention Golfers!

Are you a golfer suffering from low back pain?

This may not necessarily be due to a stiff lower back which is what a lot of golfers assume. A leading cause of low back pain amongst golfers is due to the lack of rotation through the hips. Another cause is stiffness through our mid back or thoracic spine.

If we are lacking mobility through our hips, then the lower back is having to work harder and overstrains in order to achieve a greater range of motion in our back swing and follow through.

In addition, if we are not achieving optimal rotation through our thoracic spine, the movement is having to come from out lumbar spine which places increased strain through our joints and can result in our pain and a nagging ache after we play golf.

Here are two exercises which can increase the range of motion through our hips and through our thoracic spine.

The first exercise as demonstrated below:

* To create a functional movement pattern, set up as you do to a golf ball with knees slightly bent and feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart

* Imagine you are standing in the middle of a clock face

* Begin with the lead leg planted and open the hind leg to about 4 o’clock and return to stating position

* Now with the same leg rotate around to 11 o’clock and return to starting position

* Keep repeating and each time try and increase further around the clock face 15-20 times.

* Repeat on hind leg.

The second exercise is to improve thoracic mobility:

* Again set up as you would address a golf ball

* Place golf club evenly behind head (if too hard then don’t use golf club and hold hands in air at 90 degrees)

* Beginning facing forward slowly twist side to side and increase speed and range

* Repeat with a hip hinge in the direction of your swing These exercises can not only help decrease strain through your lower back, but with increase range of motion and ease of swing you will find it can help increase in distance and easier ball connection in your swing.

If you'd like to make an appointment with Dr Ryan Turner about your golf game and related pain, call our clinic on 9738 1443 or book online through

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