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Exercises That Help All Upper Body Joints

We have gone back to basics! Tummy Time. An exercise all babies do to develop their posterior spine muscles to prevent shortening of the neck muscles, develop imperative neck and head muscle strength, and to enhance coordination and posture. So adults, lets have tummy time! As adults, depending on our job and lifestyle demands, we can sit for many hours each day. As well as this, we bend and lift, all of these requiring the muscles at the front of our body. This encourages shortening of the front of our hips, abdominals, neck and chest muscles. Tummy time, or prone exercises, encourages us to use our posterior muscles that are on stretch each day and essentially weaken, adding to our poor posture and pains. The exercise involves lying on your stomach and lifting your shoulders up off the ground by your side. Gravity is your weight, or if you shoulders are strong enough, increase 1kg at a time when possible.

Tummy Time

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