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Why Osteopathy is Number One

Throughout my years treating as an Osteopath I have heard many stories of friends and even family members going to see their General Practitioner when they have been experiencing body aches and pains as well as obtaining injuries.

So I am here today to educate you on when to see your Osteopath. Osteopath's have extensive knowledge of the human body. We study the anatomy, biomechanics, injuries, treatment and management for five years at University. We know all about your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and yes we know about the bones. Our duty of care as an Osteopath is to create a working diagnosis for your complaint and to manage you with the best of our understanding. We will tell you if it will take two treatments, or three months depending on what the injury is and what tissue has been effected. You may also require at home stretches or strengthening exercises in order to get the best results long-term. And if we feel that imaging or referring off to another specialist is the best management for you, we will do so, for example, referring back to your general practitioner. We are here to educate you, the patient, on why you have obtained your pain and how we can manage this to get the most desirable outcomes. If you would like to book an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact Back Into Osteopathy on 0400 164 608.

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