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Osteopathy Caring For The Elderly

As we get older it is the natural progression of the body to have “wear and tear” injuries. Stiffness, aches and fatigue can have a greater impact on our life. However, it is vital to stay active and healthy. If we give in to the aches and stiffness and accept that it is “just a part of getting older”, then we allow it to prevent us from what we want to do. If we understand that manual therapy and physical activity can allow our body to perform efficiently with limited aches and pains, then we can enjoy life to the fullest. Are you or do you know someone who is having difficulty:

· Getting off the couch

· Prone to falls

· Getting in and out of the car

· Getting out in the garden

· Putting on clothes and shoes

· Climbing stairs

Then osteopathy may be beneficial for you/them.

The use of gentle joint manipulation, stretching, soft tissue massage and rehabilitation can help improve joint range of motion, muscular strength, balance and coordination to ensure you are independent for longer.

It is very important to stay physically active and to maintain the range of motion and strength in our muscle and joints to ensure:

· Decrease risk of chronic pain

· Improve overall general health

· Decrease soreness in our joints

· Limit muscular pain and aches

· Stay independent

· Perform activities of daily living and other activities

Book in today to see how osteopathy and an exercise rehabilitation can help you. Contact us on 9738 1443 or email

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