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Nutritional Tips

Here are some little tips about “lifestyle” choices for people that feel they want to make a change to their diet or exercise regime. I am personally not a fan of diets. Your diet is your lifestyle, if you want to improve your diet you must make long-term positive lifestyle choices to make yourself the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

- Vegetables: constantly stocked in your fridge

- Fruit: constantly stocked in the fruit bowl

- Water: At least 1ltr per day (carry an environmentally friendly bottle with you at all times)

- Butcher meat: Try and prep your weekly meals at the start of the week by visiting your local butcher for the freshest meat you can find.

- Keep physically active: This means 5xPW for at least 30 minutes per session of moderate< intensity. A lot of people are not physically active.

- Sleep: At least 7 hours

- Relax: find time so that you can relax, whether it’s time alone, whether it’s with your family or gym. Find time to do whatever makes you happy.

- Do not buy packaged food: processed foods should not stay in your pantry, bought only for occasions (moderation).

- Last Tip: Food is a source of fuel, for energy, vitamins and minerals that keep us going each day. If it has no nutritional value, why are you eating it?? If you aren’t burning it, why are you eating it?? And just because you might burn it, doesn’t mean you can eat loads of sugar/fat/processed foods.

In these tips, I am not saying any further DO NOT’s because all of the easy DO’s are right here. For more tips and ideas, contact the clinic on 0400164608 or email us on

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