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Get Rid Of Your Headache

There are many types and causes of headaches that effect some people more than others. Headaches can be caused simply by tight muscles, sprained joints or poor posture. These types of headaches can be a nagging sensation probably sometimes at the back of your head, forehead, temporals or even behind your eyes. Even problems with your jaw movement can cause such headaches.


Here are some simple things to try when suffering from your personally familiar headaches:

1. Water: dehydration can lead to headaches and is a very simple way to relieve your discomfort. Dehydration is also very easily measured by the sensation of thirst and by the colour of your urine.

2. Heat pack: A heat pack across your neck and shoulders is an easy way to relieve tension from the muscles of your neck such as your trapezius that can commonly refer into the neck and head.

Heat Pack Neck and Shoulder

3. Stretch: as just mentioned that the muscles of your neck and shoulders can be a contributing factor to headaches, stretching these muscles can relieve tension and a good exercise to practice after doing step 2. using the heat pack if accessible. The stretches are to be gentle and passively using the weight of your head to assist in the elongation to decrease the chance of further aggravation.

Upper Trapezius Stretch

4. Posture/ergonomics: poor posture is a large contributing factor to WHY these neck muscles and joints become dysfunctional and can be a primary aspect to fix in order to getting long-term results. Do you know how you are standing or sitting? Do you need strengthening exercises?

5. Visit your Osteopath: Point 4 leads to this point of visiting your local osteopath. They will be able to educate you on why you are having your headaches and give you specific tips for your body to manage and prevent further episodes. They will be able to provide a thorough assessment and treatment to manage the currently experienced headache.

6. Not all headaches are caused by posture, muscles and joints. Other than mentioning dehydration, a few other causes include caffeine, vision issues, medications and sometimes cardiovascular conditions such as blood pressure or more sinister conditions such as stroke-like episodes. For this reason, trusting your medical professionals when your headaches are not usual or do not go away in order to get the correct diagnosis. For more information or to book an appointment, call us on 0400 164 608 or book online via

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