Osteopathy is therapeutic manual medicine that addresses entire body health through the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Remedial massage is a form of therapy which aims to treat muscles and muscle conditions causing pain and tension throughout the body.

Management of your pregnancy journey through Osteopathy &/or Remedial Massage Therapy aids pre-natal and post-natal women get through their journey as comfortable as possible.

Whether it is a sports injury or recovery from acute neck or back pain, we can provide both strength and mobility exercises to rehab your body to its best functioning.

Dry needling is a treatment technique using fine acupuncture needles that are inserted into the skin, muscle and other soft tissue structures. 

Strength & Conditioning is the  creation of rehabilitation and performance programs for both athletes and general population to improve general strength and individual outcomes.

Meet The Team

Dr Laura Pearce Osteopath Heatlhmont

Dr Laura Pearce

Founder & Owner

Michelle Dean Colour_edited.jpg

Dr Michelle Dean

Osteopath &
Accredited Exercise Scientist

Remedial Massage Therapist Heathmont

Nick Seller

Remedial Massage  Therapist

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