Virtual Consultation

Online Osteopathy & Physiotherapy consults 

Virtual consults have come to Back Into Osteopathy!

We have created an online ability for osteopathy and physiotherapy consults for patients who are unable to access in-clinic health services. With our online feature, we are able to treat our patients from anywhere and on any device. 

What is expected from your virtual consult?

Once you book your appointment online, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to join video call. Once you are approaching your online consultation, you will recieve another reminder email with this link. At the time of your appointment, find a quiet space where you can setup your device being a computer, laptop or mobile to ensure a clear visual and audible consultation. 


What happens during an online consult?

Your physician will run through our standard case history questions. From this, your physician will ask you to perform some movements for screening and assessment. After seeing how your body is moving and performing, you will be prescribed exercises and movement patterns as well as education on your working diagnosis, management and prognosis. This encourages you to be involved in your healing and health to achieve the best results with your practitioner.

How do I make payment?
We will send you details for secure online payment through medipass. Unfortunately at this point in time, we do not take private health claims, medicare claims or TAC, DVA or workcover claims. This may change in the near future.


What do I need to have for this virtual consult?

You need appropriate clothing like you would for a normal osteopathy or physiotherapy appointment such as singlet and shorts. Good internet and private space for confidentiality and also for audio purposes. On your device, you will need to have:

  • Latest update on your web browser

  • If on mobile device, open your virtual consultation on Safari

  • Enable microphone

  • Enable camera use


You may also bring any equipment you have at home such as a foam roller, spikey ball, therabands or other strengthening equipment such as dumbbells.