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Golf Osteo are Osteopathic appointments run be Dr Ryan Turner - Master of Osteopathy and a certifide Titleist Performance Institute coach. Your 45-minute appointment comprises of an Osteopathic assessment as well as a golf swing assessment, in order to understand your body restrictions and weaknesses that could possibly restrict your golf game and achievements. After treatment, Dr Turner discusses his management approach to correct any ailments for long-term results and changes.

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The Initial history will cover a detailed medical history identifying past/current injuries.

In this we can identify if you are presenting with:

  • A certain issue unrelated to Golf (past/current injury)

  • Golf related pain/injury

  • No specific pain but interested in body assessment and tailored golf rehabilitation program


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The golf assessment is a sequence of movement screening procedures which allow assessment of different movements patterns related to the golf swing.


Working from the ground up assessing key joint mobility and strength and incorporating the kinetic chain of the golf swing.


We assess areas which is needed for a fluent golf swing such as thoracic, shoulder, hip and ankle mobility as well as core strength and stability.


Many restrictions through the body can alter our movement patterns which can have a direct affect on our golf swing resulting in swing faults and restrictions.


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An osteopathic assessment screens the whole body and will involve performing different movements to identify areas of restriction and weakness which can be the cause of pain.


Our holistic approach looks at the body as a whole.


Special tests will be chosen to identify and diagnose any specific injuries.


This allows us to educate the patient on the injury and provide detailed prognosis and healing time regarding issue.


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Osteopathic treatment is based on the findings from the assessments.




We work heavily with a hands-on approach using techniques such as soft tissue massage, articulation/mobilisation, manipulation, dry needling, cupping and many more to increase range of motion, decrease muscle tension and decrease pain.


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At the end of the consultation we will enter the gym and prescribe a tailor-made rehabilitation program specific to your needs. This aims to increase mobility and improve movement patterns.


The golf specific rehab programs aim to improve your areas of restriction which can be causing swing faults, strengthen areas of weakness which can improve stability and power through the swing as well as improving overall general fitness and health.


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