At Back Into Osteopathy, we want to highlight the importance of our children and their development. During a child's development, their bodies undergo so many different changes such as increased growth, hormonal changes, sporting and activity demands and changes in what's required at school. 

In your appointment, we will discuss the full problem of your child’s discomfort or your concern that you have with your child's development. There is a full musculoskeletal assessment based on the issue in order to diagnose correctly and understand the treatment and management involved.


Conditions include:

Sports Injuries
Ligament sprains, muscle strains, spinal injuries, dislocations or impact injuries.

Growing Pains
Joint or muscle pains associated with growth spurts.

Postural Issues
Headaches, neck or back pain, observable poor posture.

Spinal Issues
Scoliosis, kyphosis (hunched posture), lordosis (sway posture).

Hip Pain
Due to injury or insidious onset of pain