The Weekend Golfer - By Golf Osteo

Many of us are weekend golfers. Not being very active during the week due to work which many consist of long hours in front of a desk and then going out on the course on a Saturday or Sunday morning with no conditioning. This can be a leading cause of pain in the back, shoulders and arms in golfers.

This lack of active during the week means that our joints stiffen, muscles tighten, and our posture goes out of whack. When we go from this extreme to the other in a golf swing requiring high mobility and stability from the entire body; injury and pains can result. Furthermore, this can affect our swing bring rigid and lacking range and control.

How do we beat this?

Try and stay active at work with regular breaks performing light stretches to stay mobile.

Stretches, strengthening exercises and foam roller at home at the end of the day

Stay active during the week with gym, running, driving range, playing with the dog etc

Warm up before a round with stretching exercises and use the practice nets beginning with gentle swings at 20% intensity and building up to 100%.

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