What is the Onsite Lifting Workshop?
The On Site Lifting Workshop has been designed to assess and correct the employees and contractors of Melbourne's hard working labouring businesses.


What is involved?

  • Individual employee lifting assessment

  • Educational session with graphics and demonstrations

  • Supervised and assessed corrected lifting technique

  • Theory and video presentation provided

Why book an Onsite Lifting workshop?
Lower back injuries are on of the most common injuries seen in clinics, doctors office and a leading cause of chronic pain. By improving the technique of your employees lifting movements, it will decrease the chances of injury claims, improve health and productivity of you workers, and result in less days off injured.

Who can book for an On Site Lifting Workshop?

Tradesman businesses of Melbourne who want to decrease the risk of on site spinal issues and decrease their changes of making injury claims through WorkCover.

For more information, contact the clinic via email info@backintoosteopathy.com.au or call us on 0400164608.