Online Home Ergonomic Assessment

During our current stage in life in these unprecedented times, our lives and workplaces may have changed considerably. Many businesses and organisations are having to work from home, leaving their staff with little to no support in their desk setup and ergonomic education. 

We have created an online consultation to help your specific work setup at home. This enables us to see what chair, table and heights and angles of the current setup you have. Your pain or symptoms can be discussed in order to correctly alter changes that are needed or preventative injury risk management can be administrated. 

How does this run?

Run by Osteopath Dr Ryan Turner, these online home ergonomic assessments are run via our telehealth online software. When you receive your confirmation email to your ergonomic assessment, you will open the link to enable webcam interaction in order for us to see your desk setup.

From here, we run through a step-by-step assessment and a pain case history in order for us to make the best improvements to your workplace setup. Adjustments may include height and angle changes of your current desk and chair, recommendations of new equipment to help improve your ergonomic health and education about minimizing injury in the workplace.

After your appointment, a follow up may be required for further adjustments and information regarding your home office setup.